My journey to becoming a software developer took me through plenty of twists and turns.

I started early. I wrote my first line of code sometime in the sixth grade, and registered my first domain name shortly thereafter, where I set up a chatroom for a couple of my classmates to use during free time at school. By high school, I was building sites for class projects.

Around this time I also discovered a passion for photography (otherwise known as, Twist Number One). In the throes of this passion, I eventually headed off to Ohio University to study photojournalism. Still remembering my first love, I enrolled in as many computer science classes as I was allowed without declaring a major, and took to building an open-source platform to host the portfolios of my fellow photographers.

After several years of traveling the country covering college sports, my news photography projects began to incorporate front-end development. I took it upon myself to do the work on my own, as a way of learning the craft. I quickly found a knack for it.

As my projects grew in size and scope, I realized that I needed a higher level of expertise to tackle them properly. You can learn a lot on your own, but sometimes what you really need is a mentor.

Fortunately, I had remained in touch with Sam Saccone and Aaron Snyder, two old friends from Ohio University who now both work at MojoTech. They convinced me to come on board.

My first week at Mojo, I’ve been learning the methods and habits of professional team-driven development. I’m quickly finding out what it takes to be an effective, productive developer. I’m incredibly excited to learn from such a group of passionate people and can’t wait to see what the future holds.